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About Warming Families
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Warming Families of Southwest PA

WARMING FAMILIES is a 100% volunteer project which has two main goals. As part of ONE HEART, Inc., WARMING FAMILIES works to strengthen and unite families by encouraging them to work together to provide blankets, hats, mittens, and other warm items to homeless families and individuals throughout the world.

WARMING FAMILIES makes use of Area Volunteers, individuals who act as liaisons between volunteers and the shelters, foster homes, and assisted living facilities they serve. In some cases, volunteers accept donations of granny squares, yarn, or fabric in addition to completed blankets and other warm items.

As the Area Volunteer for Southwest Pennsylvania, I have been in contact with several Pittsburgh area shelters. For the time being, donated items are being delivered to one nursing home and two organizations working with the homeless in the Pittsburgh area (please contact me for details), but this is subject to change, depending on their needs and storage capacities.